Good afternoon!

This post is for anyone who could be having trouble with ordering from our website. JohnnysIceAndCo has become one of the biggest Urban Jeweler Brands on both coasts of Florida. Covering Tampa and Daytona Coasts, we've installed a process into our system that allows us to verify orders before they are placed. This is a detailed instruction list from start to finish on how to complete your order.

Note* All orders when placed are made for confirmation of product availability. What does this mean? Meaning, when shopping on our online store and want to check out. You will be required to fill out your information to verify the buyer. Once that is done and the order is placed? We do not charge your card or collect payment at check out. Instead a jeweler or a representative will be right with you in 24 Hrs to confirm your order that you had placed with us. Then we will proceed to paperwork and payment.


Scroll and select the products you would like to order. 


Add these items to your cart and continue to check out. ( If this is a custom form being submitted? Please await a jeweler to be in touch! 


Fill out all the required information in order to complete your check out.


Once you submit your order, sit tight and we'll be right with you to confirm.

STEP 5: 

Once a jeweler reaches out to you to complete your order? You will be required to fill out a sales recipt form for confirmation of sale.

STEP 6: 

Payment. Once agreed pricing and terms, we will collect payment. We accept all Major Credit Cards, Zelle, Cashapp, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Doge Coin.