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WEB3 / Johnnysiceandco.x

WEB3 / Johnnysiceandco.x

Most look at Web3 as a mystery, and we don't blame them. Web3 is new to the industry, evolved around the use of decentralized platforms and crypto currencies. Web3's purpose is to give the power back to the people. Website hosting from Web3 will allow us to conduct business on a pier to pier basis leaving out 3rd parties used to run companies such as Shopify, Facebook, TikTok and etc. 

Our plans: With Web3, Johnnysiceandco will soon establish a presence within the Metaverse through Virtual reality Worlds and Web3 Business. Users will be able to join us Via Virtual Reality from the comfort of their home. Being able to walk into our Virtual Reality Store without the pain of booking tickets, hotel rooms, and restaurants. Users will also be allowed to pick out exclusive chains Via NFTs to shop and enjoy! Try pieces on and experience the amazing vibe we have to offer to the industry. Johnnysiceandco employees will be there to assist you in your purchases Via Virtual Reailty ( Horizon Worlds )

NFTS: Johnnysiceandco is currently working on exclusive NFTs to bring to life, providing one of one details each NFT will be exclusive one of its kind, providing real life benefit, virtual reality benefit, and even are even provided the REAL PHYSICAL version of the chain they invested in. Each chain will be displayed in our NFT gallery for purchase. 

Crypto: Crypto is something we believe all people should do their research on, this is the next generation of currency and value. Our web3 is currently hosting off of the Polygon Network ( ETH Influenced ) 

Conclusion:Get ready guys, We have a lot of motion in the works, staying within our lane and providing innovated ways for our clients. Remember we lead the industry when it comes to motion and ideas.

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