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You've made it. For the First time in history @johnnythajewler and @johnnysiceandco will be running a giveaway for the industry. We want to show our love for those who've help us reach our goals within the years. Artists will be given the chance to submit a 1 minute clip/or MP3 File mentioning "Johnnysice" or "johnnythajeweler" in their song of creation.


  • Artists will be given 2 weeks to create a music file or music video mentioning "Johnnysice" or "Johnnythajeweler" in the clip/file.
  • Artists must make it clear that they are mentioning JOHNNYSICE or JOHNNYTHAJEWELER. This is not Johnny Fang.
  • The clip must be at least 1 minute long, we will not accept short or half ran files or clips. Make it worth it.
  • Music videos or files can be submitted as entry 
  • Artists can only submit one (1) file for their submission so make sure your content is worth it. ( do not submit more than 1 file, you will be disqualified )
  • All files will be submitted to
  • Artist will have until April 10th to submit their files or videos
  • Artist will be judged on creativity, bar creations, mentions and expression.
  • There will be 3 winners. 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place winners


  1. 1st Place will win: 1 of 1 Custom 10K VVS1 pendant custom made by @johnnythajeweler himself. ( Any design is accepted )
  2. 2nd Place will win: $200 towards their Music career.
  3. 3rd Place will win: An Exclusive Johnnysice T-shirt Promo package including stickers and promo goodies 

GOODLUCK! We will be looking out for your files via email. Our team judges will categorize the files and go through them April 11th. The winner will be announced on the 12th of April. We will not take it easy on anybody and were judging on pure talent, not favorites. For any questions you can reach out to JIAC @johnnysiceandco or @johnnythajeweler for questions or concerns. We will not give tips or personal recommendations. This is your project, your work.