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Brought to you by GrillsCase Featuring our newest Collaboration. We're introducing a product that only EXCLUSIVE jewelers have access to. The one and only GrillsCase.

Stack your grills in a case that not only protects your investment, but also disinfects it as well! With special featured UV lighting, each grill case can disinfect your grills from common viruses, bacteria or mold! Just hook her up on the charger and she's ready to disinfect. Please Note: This does not clean your grills thoroughly, we recommend seeing a professional jeweler for polishings and professional cleanings.


- UV Disinfectent Lighting

- USB charger included

- Mesh Net Holding

- Locking mechanism

- Snap Button Locking

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A PREORDER PRODUCT AND WILL BE RELEASED BY 05/30/22. SHIPMENTS WILL BE FULFILLED BEFORE THIS DATE. $50 is our preorder release discount. Once released on the market the price will be adjusted to $100