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Now releasing single set molding kits available for purchase. All molding kits are not required to purchase upon the deposit of a grill. All mold sets are free with grill purchases, just checkout with your preferred grill set and we’ll handle the rest. 

INSTRUCTIONS: This Molding Kit is very important! Make sure you follow step by step instructions for accurate impressions. If talking, moving, or laughing could result in an unusable mold. 

STEP 1: Take out your individual molds. One ( orange ) and One ( White ) 

STEP 2: Mix Both putties together for 20-30 seconds. Please make sure you’re fast and fluid like playdoh. Mix them together until you get one unified color. Make Sure to act quickly. The molding will start to harden.

STEP 3: Roll The Putty like a susage and place it into the tray. ( make sure you are prioritizing the teeth being done ) make sure there is no gaps in the molding tray. The putty should be flush with the jaw line surface. 

STEP 4: Open your mouth and align the tray straight with your front 2 teeth. Bite all the way down and hold for 5 minutes. 

STEP 5: After 5 minutes gently pull the tray up and out. Do not drag the mold out of the mouth. ( a good impression will show all teeth lines and a gum line visible above the teeth ) 

STEP 6: Ship your molds back to the provided Return Address and let us get to work. Please Note it’s important you get in touch with us to confirm the shipping address. A loss in molds means longer production times. 

for any questions please feel free to reach out to our team or contact our 24 hour service chat for assistance.