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Frequently asked questions

No, Once your deposit is paid and verified, a jeweler or assistant will be with you in 24-48 Hours to confirm your order and/or custom.

Once you've completed the phone call with your jeweler or associate, a mold kit will be shipped or done in store. ( Grillz only )

Any Custom jewelry pieces we will be in touch to provide you with CAD design or 3D render when we figure out your specific design.

Grillz: JIAC is pumping out Grillz within 4-7 Business days. Overnight Grillz are now an option as an additional Rush Order Fee will be applied.

No, You do not have to pay for a mold. We do not charge the client for molds if they're buying a SET of grills which consists of tops and bottoms. Molds only cost money when ordering just tops OR bottoms. Molds are $45.

Ship them to our HQ! 2706 ALT-19 PALM HARBOR FL, 34683 SUITE 230

That's no problem! We ship grill instructions in our packages. If you're having further trouble we offer step by step instructions on the MOLDS Page. If you feel uncomfortable doing your molds yourself, a dedicated jeweler or associate will assist you via FaceTime.

Of Course! Its our pleasure to provide our clients with a 3D Render or drawing within 72 Hours of your paid deposit.